Some of the time the component of surprise is hot. At times the incredibly evident is similarly as hot and this present night’s customer has requested quite recently that. 
The present date is with Mr. Gupta; a 54 year old from Tagore Nagar. Mr. Gupta is a significantly an author. He is a millionaire and spending cash like it’s leaving style. We have delighted in numerous offhand dates where he has whisked me off to Mumbai for some real shopping retreat when all we had arranged was to spend the day together which I thought implied lunch and shopping in Selfridges. He is a long way from unsurprising which is the reason I was very stunned when he asked for an exceptionally evident date. 
Mr. Gupta has requested that I dress as an “elite lady” for our supper at the exceptionally costly and tasteful ‘Scots’. Not your run of the mill discrete Escort in Nashik; more evident legs and cleavage and sensational sultry make-up and huge hair. Sex on legs essentially! He needs the buzzword and individuals to look upon us as the appealing man and the trashy, yet road shrewd insufficiently clad lady. He needs the absurd being a tease amongst us and kindred coffee shops to witness the conceivable “Pretty Woman” situation. Mr. Gupta is not expecting espresso toward the finish of the dinner, yet to make a major show of asking for the bill while I snuggle his neck. 
I have showcased this dream ordinarily with different customers who like being grimy disapproved. Normally these situations comprise of me turning up at their rich cushions to strip prod in the littlest of outfits, long trashy wigs and high rise stilettos and after that do whatever they need effortlessly. Tonight with Mr. Gupta really gives him the additional excite of being out in the open with a “working young lady” and he has disclosed to me how much being looked upon as a grimy old man is exceptionally stirring for him. Sufficiently reasonable. 
So on the off chance that you ever require your own ‘pretty lady’ simply make certain to call us and let our young ladies be your dream…

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