Aatisha – Your Ultimate Travel Partner

It’s an ideal opportunity to revive your training with Mistress Aatisha, a strict and extreme Dominatrix with more than 10 years of expert experience. Love Her as She torments you with Her savagely remorseless goals. Investigate the sentiment of capitulating to the power, excellence, and frame of mind of a genuine FemDom. She will overshadow you in high foot sole areas, wearing cowhide or latex, embarrassing and overwhelming you until the point that Her brilliant eyes shimmer.


Nashik Escort Aatisha rehearses strict D/s convention and will promptly address any sub, whore or slave who ventures out of line. She additionally adores preparing, prodding, and tormenting you with your obsessions; you will be totally changed by this seriously hot Bitch! If you are not a masochist and want to Mistress Aatisha provocative exposed feet, simply say the word; fetishist are welcome!

The experience

Ready for your preparation? Courtesan Aatisha will influence you to end up the ground She walks upon, Her property, Her sissy whore, Her puppy, Her servant, Her compensation pig, Her detainee, or possibly Her can.

Do you have what it takes to submit to Mistress Aatisha? She requests your aggregate accommodation, submission, behaviour, reliability, and the capacity to satisfy every last bit of Her needs.

Visiting cities – Destinations – Fly me to you Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, London UK, United Kingdom, Europe

Closet and Dressing style

I will likely change you into My definitive play toy. you will either be totally exposed aside from a neckline or I will put a ton of consideration into the subtleties of your redid benefit furnish. For subs/slaves/pets: collars, calfskin outfits, elastic straight coat, housekeeper, young doggie adapt, horse equip, detainee overalls, sissy/prostitute dresses, full or halfway cosmetics, wigs, high foot rear areas, grown-up child, and so forth.

Unique abilities

Courtesan Aatisha is keen on: Caning, paddling, whipping, riding crops, punishing, CBT weights, trampling, ball busting, NT, servitude, confining, tactile dep., blindfolds, Medical pretend tests, electrical, strap on, preservation, play penetrating, covering, chokes, cross-examination, pet play, feminization, cleaning specialist preparing, and so on.

Try not to be bashful to request a BDSM action that is not listed here. There are great possibilities that She knows precisely how to make it a player in a stunning session.


Interest: boots-shoes, latex, gloves, feet-legs, leggings, mortification.

**Did you have another interest at the top of the priority list? Let Her know.

Accessible Toys

Rope, subjugation adapt, spreader bars, riding crops, floggers, sticks, single-tails, paddles, areola braces, CBT weights/cuts, electro PES and Tens unit, needles, sounds, bowel purge pack, anal toys, screw machine, Hitachi enchantment wand, doggie toys, calfskin and latex hoods, and so on.


Timetable accessibility

**Contact for booking inquiries**

Visiting plan

*All travel appointments must be affirmed by prepaid store 24hrs ahead of time.

Notes and Instructions

Reveal to Me about your BDSM dreams! An elegantly composed and completely point by point message will enable your booking to ask for move to the highest point of the application heap.

If you have explicit inquiries regarding a session, message Me at nashikescorts@gmail.com

What I like

Submissive with a capacity to convey individual interests and worries previously, amid and after the session. It can just show signs of improvement once you begin confiding in Me. Be ready to give Me a chance to run the show 110% once W/we have examined session exercises and interests.


What I hate

Lateness, a transaction of tribute, a minute ago session requests or scratch-offs, no shows, poor cleanliness.

List of things to get and Tributes

Endowments from admirers:

I value a slave who spends his hard-earned money to ruin Me! Check with Me for My correct preferences for obsession garments, shoes, BDSM gear, magnificence endorsements, travel vouchers, and so forth …or you essentially welcome pay My bills!

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